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Get in, hold on, and shut up!

This wonderful baby-boomer-gone-wild autobiography captures the essence of 1960s America and beyond. I followed the karma of Marc DuQuette in one sitting, hanging on as he careened wildly from one adventure to the next, making me laugh and breaking my heart. It's worth the read simply to get inside the head of a man who will think to himself, upon being thrown to the ground by police, "What's the karma with my nose and the street?" I loved this book.

Melissa B. Latimer,
Riverside, CA
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My Memoir, ORANGE SUNSHINE: How I Almost Survived America's Cultural Revolution, is now available on On my website, you can see my video book excerpts of ORANGE SUNSHINE, read the reviews, and watch video interviews. Have a question about ORANGE SUNSHINE or about my adventures? Email me or connect with me on Facebook! I'd love to hear from you! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay!

Yours Truly,

Marc DuQuette
This is Part 1 and 2  of an 11 part interview where fellow author Martha Theus of 21st Century Vegetarians talks to Marc DuQuette about his amazing and incredible adventures as told to us in Orange Sunshine.

In this segment, Marc explains what Orange Sunshine is, and also describes his near fatal motorcyle accident  that set him on a search for inner meaning. You may be surprised at what he did next!

This is a must see interview! Marc is hilarious and painfully honest!

Watch Parts 3 through 11 by visiting  Video Interviews.
Interview of Marc DuQuette by Martha Theus
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Marc reads Machine Gun Boy from his memoir, Orange Sunshine: How I Almost Survived America's Cultural Revolution.

In this segment, Marc describes an incident where a "certain someone" woke up on Christmas morning, allegedly shooting a machine gun!

Was it Marc or not? You'll have to decide!

Watch Marc read more segments from his book by  visiting Book Excerpts.
Book Excerpt - Machine Gun Boy - Chapter 46
Radio Interview with Claudia McNeely from "A Time To Heal"   - 07/12/10
Rev Claudia McNeely ( interviews Marc on her weekly radio talk show, "A Time To Heal" (

She and Marc discuss some of his hilarious yet heartbreaking adventures from Orange Sunshine, including his radical hippie days, his first experience with LSD, and what happened when he finally hit rock bottom and became sober .

(Run time approx. 60 min)

Radio Interview with George Lewis, The Spiritual Broadcasting Network
Marc had a great time with George Lewis on the Spiritual Broadcasting Network,  They both have a lot in common which made for a very interesting interview.

Check out "A Conversation With Marc DuQuette" by clicking the image to the left.

(Run time approx. 60 min)

Radio Interview with Dr. Terry Grand, host of Journey To Recovery, LA Talk Radio
Check out my radio interview on December 30, 2010 with Dr. Terry Grand, the host of Journey To Recovery on LA Talk Radio.  (Approx 55 minutes). You can listen below, or by visiting

Radio appearance on Klean Radio with Andrew Spanswick and Judah Friedman, KFWB LA Studio - March 15, 2012

Andrew Spanswick the Executive Director of KLEAN Treatment Center, and his co-host Judah welcomed me to where I talked about my book, growing up during the ‘Summer of Love’, taking my first acid trip, starting a Commune in southern Oregon, and how I finally got sober. Check out the video interview below!